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That is exactly what these past few weeks have been; unbelievable. I don’t even know how many times I’ve stood shaking my head from all that has happened. This is hard to put into words.

My dear mother. She is just amazing to me. It’s only been a week since she lost the love of her life. And earlier this year she lost her own mom, my grandmother. I know she is hurting so much inside. But she has handled this well. As much as she can. I couldn’t do it. I know she does it because she has no other choice. She does it with common sense, kindness and confidence. Now I know where I get my best features from. I also know in private she let’s that all go and doesn’t know where to go next. I also get that from her.

Going through some unfortunate events this year, I felt like I couldn’t handle anymore. I’ve seen the selfishness come out in people. Just to make themselves feel better. Why? Why are people so hateful? It made me think, why should I keep trying to change those around me everyday. Why teach yoga, self-acceptance and healthy living?? I wanted to throw in the towel. People are just going to say whatever they want or believe the lies. I felt numb. My heart and my body. I sat on my couch and cried for my Dad like a little girl. Everyday for the past 15 years I’ve wished he was here for me.

I live in a place where health is not a priority. To say it annoys me is an understatement. Sometimes it is made fun of. I don’t understand it. I probably never will. All I’ve ever wanted to do is change people’s perspective. To show them it can be fun to exercise and it doesn’t have to grueling to cause your body pain every single time. That’s not what it’s about.

Within those moments where you want to give it all up, some good will always come through. The good I found in this situation is my sisters. They are simply amazing. We are always here for each other. We know how to make each other feel better and with that I think it makes my mom feel better as well.

Another good is some dear friends. They came to help when we didn’t even ask. Just their company made things better even if it’s only for a while. That’s what real friends are for. To see that good left me in awe. I know my family felt the same way.

Now that a few days have passed and as we try to move forward, I’ve taught a couple of yoga classes. I have learned that the few I inspire, have learned to put their thoughts together during class and they take that to other facets of their lives. It may be related to their personal or professional relationships. And I can help students make physical breakthroughs as well. It makes me so happy to see someone feel the difference in a headstand when using proper form. When you find that sweet spot of balance, it’s awesome!

After that class I said to a friend okay, I’m not giving up. I have so much more good to do. Including support my mom any way I can.


A Walk For My Grandma

I usually enjoy working out throughout the weekend, but this weekend was a little different.

I had my yoga class at El Paso Community College like I usually do. It was a great class with students who are improving every week. We just have one more week before the end of another semester. And I’ll be back teaching next semester as well.

After class, I met up with my family at the Walk To End Alzheimer’s. I lost my Grandma in April to the disease. She was a beautiful, amazing woman. She loved shopping, being outdoors and spending time with her family.



A few local TV news anchors and others shared their stories of family and friends they have lost to Alzheimer’s and some who are still going through it.






These past few months have been the hardest on my mom and I can see it every time I see her. I know she misses her own mom dearly. But I know us being there as a family brought her some comfort. I know my grandma is looking down smiling when she sees us all together.

Spending the weekend with my family made me happy as well. My nephews and nieces make me laugh and bring so much joy to our lives.

I ended my Sunday evening with a run. It’s something I’ve been doing to bring my thoughts together and take that time to myself to prepare for the coming week. I’ve been keeping my running simple. No pressure. Just doing what I can and stopping when I feel accomplished.

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I hope you were able to enjoy your weekend doing what you love.

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The Flex Belt {Review}

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from The Flex Belt by BMR. As with everything I share with you, opinions are my own.

Abs. It’s something all of us who live a fit life would like. For most of us, they are the hardest part of our bodies to build. Especially if you are a woman who has kids. I’ve always been taught and know the way to a flat stomach is with diet and exercise. Especially diet. I can see the difference in my body when I don’t eat what I should. It always first starts in my stomach. I feel bloated and uncomfortable.

When I first read the e-mail from Flex Belt asking if I would like to review the product, I immediately just put it to the side and thought, oh sure this is going to give me abs. Then after coming across it again a few days later, it came to my mind that maybe I should review this product. How else will everyday people know if it works or not before spending money on it?

It came in a few days later. Before I could do anything, I had to charge the remote that connects to the sensors. This is how it works; The Flex Belt strengthens your stomach muscles using medical grade Electronic Stimulation Technology. A recommended session is 30 minutes.


It comes with a bag to carry the belt. The plastic clear covers you see are over the extremely sticky sensors you stick on your skin. The manual has very understandable, straight forward directions. Inside the owner’s manual there is a 30 day plan of how much intensity you should use per day. There are also 10 training programs. Let me tell you, those vibrations are intense! I begin to feel it around 50 contractions. It goes up to 150 contractions sent to ab muscles. I’m not ready to go there yet.


To me it feels as if you’re going to get a cramp in your stomach from laughing so much. That dissipates and comes back every few seconds.

I love that they clearly say, “Our motto is, eat right, exercise and use the Flex Belt”. That is so important to remember. It is recommended to use the Flex Belt 5 days a week for 8 weeks to see results. I think that sounds about right. I have been using it for 3 weeks (for review purposes). I’m looking forward to see how I feel in a few more weeks. The difference I feel so far is from the inside out especially in my obliques. I’ve also added some extra core work to my training and I feel stronger and like I can go longer when I perform those exercises. That’s important to me.

unnamed (51)

I’d recommend this product for those who feel they have hit a plateau with regards to ab training or those beginning to train their core along with added core training like a H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) plan.

To read more or purchase The Flex Belt, visit: http://www.theflexbelt.com/?mcp=12363

A few updates

I’ve had so many thoughts jumbled in my head over these past few months but nothing that felt concrete enough to put into a blog post. I also didn’t have any energy to put one together. After I had my IUD birth control removed, my doctor prescribed me a new form of birth control. The pill. It was so bad. I hadn’t felt so horrible for an extended amount of time like that in quite a while. This lasted 2 months.

I had nausea, headaches, stomach aches and dizziness everyday for those 2 months. The only thing that made me feel better was either going to sleep or vomiting. I felt like I was pregnant in my first trimester.

I just wanted enough energy to teach my yoga classes. There were times I taught the simplest poses just because I felt so beat down. I know my students thought, what’s wrong with her?

My hips were starting to feel better but I couldn’t run. I hit a slump. I didn’t want to run and I didn’t want to blog. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I tried writing and it just didn’t feel like the words were coming from my regular self. I was, and sort of still am frustrated. I continued going to the gym and did what I could. I probably had 3 good runs in those 2 months. I’m a fitness professional so I know what workouts to do even at low energy. I thought being active would make me feel better. I was starting to feel my body gain weight and I think that was probably my breaking point. I didn’t want to return to my old self from 5 years ago, although I knew deep inside that wouldn’t happen. I knew I couldn’t continue taking this pill any longer. My body didn’t like it.

I stopped taking it last week. Labor Day to be exact. Slowly the headaches started to disappear. This is the first week I’m feeling back to normal. My energy is starting to come back and I have a sense of relief. I’ll be going back to the doctor to see what other options I have. Although I’m very apprehensive to try anything else. Any advice you have would be appreciated!

I need my energy back to teach all of my yoga classes. To update you, I am teaching everyday now. I absolutely love seeing everyone progress through the months that pass. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a year that I’ve been teaching yoga. I gain so much love and appreciation from each class. It’s hard to describe.

I want to get back to running. I miss it so much. I feel sad without it. With all honesty though, I’m not ready yet. My sciatic nerve still bothers me from time to time. I think it’s best to let it fully heal. It’s almost there. I try every week to see if I can run. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I have to stop because of the pressure I feel in my back. Trail running helps with that. I barely feel any pain on the trails. I must do it more often.

Feeling sick like that taught me foreign objects or added hormones don’t work so well with my body. I’ve also learned I don’t need to work out every single day if my body doesn’t feel good. Pushing will just make it worse. I would tell any other person who was going through this to rest and to take it easy. But of course I didn’t realize how hard that would be until going through it.

I’m hoping for better days and back to regular blogging!

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