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Friends, Family and a Triathlon

It was an eventful weekend around here. I have a Friday evening yoga class. But sometimes I never know if anyone will show up because it’s Friday and with it being a holiday weekend, I had a feeling I’d be on my own. On those days, I work on some poses I want to improve on or handstands. Pictures1 I use the yoga strap to keep my elbows from going out too far when I’m trying to balance. It is a big help for me. When I remove the strap and try to handstand again, I can feel where my alignment should be. And that helps me be able to balance upside down longer. Saturday morning I went to support friends who were competing in the 3rd annual Might Mujer Triathlon. I am so proud of these women! They are women with families, full time jobs and already have so much on their plate. But they were out there everyday working hard to reach their goals. I loved seeing their posts everyday showing their workouts. They did it together and that was beautiful to see. I could sense the nervousness and excitement they were feeling. They knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but they never quit. They are inspiring so many around them, including myself. Great job triathletes! Smile 005 007 012016 019 021 022 023 024 029 032 036 037 I couldn’t stay to see everyone finish but I’m so glad I decided to go and watch as much as I could. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll be competing.   Saturday afternoon, I went to my Mom’s house to celebrate my nephew Aidan’s 3rd birthday. LOVE that little boy. Slowly he’s warming up to me. Having only girls, I just want to squeeze him. But apparently that’s not cool! unnamed (35)unnamed (36) The Jake and The Neverland Pirates was such a cute theme! 040 078 050 062 103 108   Just like the kids, the mommas wanted to hit the piñata as well. Even my expecting sister, Amirah. I had no idea pictures were being taken! So fun though. We were just missing one sister, who recently moved to Dallas. She’ll be back to visit soon, and I cant wait! 2014-04-20 In the evening, I met up with my longtime friend, Adriana. She came to visit from Phoenix. I’m so happy we were able to spend some time together. It’s nice to have someone like her that knows me so well to go to for advice, laughs and support. It was a fun night and a great weekend with friends and family. unnamed (30) I’m linking this post up for Marvelous in My Monday with Katie at Healthy Diva Life.

Zooma Weekend

Zooma weekend started off with an early morning long drive from El Paso to Bastrop. It’s a good thing I wasn’t alone. My dear friend Sue decided to run this race with me and a friend of hers, Maria, who I’ve met a few times joined in as well! A girls weekend came together quite well unexpectedly.

Once we got to the Hyatt resort I was blown away. It was more than what I expected. Everything was Zooma and I felt very welcomed to be there. Any nervousness I was feeling sort of disappeared, I was just very excited to be there.

We headed to our room, got changed and went to packet pick up.



Besides all of the sponsors being there, there were also Austin running stores and small businesses that sell running related clothes and accessories.


unnamed (21)

After the expo was the Mocktail Party hosted by Honest Tea. It wasn’t all mocktails. There was also wine from Barefoot Wines. Yes, I had some. Smile




This was the first time all of us ambassadors met each other. We all clicked right away. Of course we talked about running and how we were feeling about the race the next day. This was completely new to most of us. We heard there were hills but we weren’t really sure of how many miles of hills.


It’s funny because as we were driving into the resort Sue and I were saying wow this so gorgeous and look at all these hills…

Then we thought oh man!! This is the race route!! We may have panicked a little. It was too funny!

After dinner, we headed to our rooms hoping to get a good night sleep. I set my alarm for 6. And of course woke up at 5. That’s what happens I guess when you get used to an early morning run. I didn’t mind. I was looking forward to racing.

We got to the start and had some time to spare…

unnamed (20)

Then the real fun started. And by fun, I mean torture.

Right away we had rolling hills. There were times where it was not good to look up because all you saw was uphill and nothing else.



By mile 2 I was already wanting to give up. It takes me a few miles to warm up for a half marathon and I felt like I didn’t have that chance. But I kept powering through, slowly. It took me a while to get used to the humidity as well.

unnamed (13)

unnamed (14)

The route was very pretty to look at. So that helped me from getting bored. And every time we were approaching uphill it seemed like the common phrase from everyone was, “oh sh%#!!” I couldn’t agree more. This lasted for 6 miles. I knew I needed to change something. I wanted to get in front of the 2:10 pacer.

I got to mile 7 stopped. Saw Katherine. Drank some water. My hip was hurting. But my friend Katherine said, “Farrah, you got this. You’re a great runner.” That really set something off in me and I just took off. I didn’t stop one time after that. There were no more hills and I felt really great.

I passed the 2:10 pacer girl at mile 10 and that felt good. I hammered on to the finish. Passed so many runners and seeing the support from the spectators for the last two miles helped so much.

My official finish time was 2:08:55. Yes, it would have been nice to finish under 2 hours. But I didn’t go into this race with expectations because I had no clue what it was going to be like. I’m happy with my results especially after dealing with a few injuries.

unnamed (2)

I can’t even describe how much fun I had at Zooma. Not only the race but the events before and after it were also so great. The friendships that are already in place grow even stronger. And new friendships are formed because of this event and the love of running.

unnamed (15)

Meet my friend Katherine, who helped push me have that great finish. She discovered my blog through the Zooma site when I had only been a Zooma ambassador for a few months. She was inspired after reading my blog and decided this race would be her first half marathon! Katherine even added yoga to her workouts and said that helped her with recovery and flexibility. That makes me so happy! I can only tell people how much yoga can help runners but until they try it, they won’t know.

unnamed (18)

I recommend this race for anyone looking to have a fit, fun weekend with friends. I would love to get a group together to go next year. We can have regular training runs and make it a girls weekend. I know it will be so much fun! It may not have been my fastest half marathon but it was the best race I’ve ever been a part of. I can’t thank the Zooma team and ambassadors enough for that.

If you haven’t heard enough about Zooma, here are some more recaps from my fellow Texas ambassadors:

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Zooma Time!

I feel like I’ve been talking about this Zooma Austin race for almost a year. I can’t believe it is finally here! ZOOMA Ambassador Badge 2014 Being a Zooma Race Ambassador has been an amazing experience so far and I know it will only get better once I meet all of the other ambassadors and women I’ve been exchanging emails with. For some, it will be their first half marathon and others are looking forward to running another race filled with amazing like minded athletes. I just love that energy and cannot wait to be a part of it!! I’m not really a skirt wearing runner but I figure if I’m going to sparkle in a race, this is the one to do it in. I’m ready to be awesome! 023 For the past week and a half, I have to admit I wasn’t feeling my strongest. My hips were feeling very tender throughout the day after I ran. I tried stretching and foam rolling every chance I had. But still, I knew something was off. I saw the chiropractor, Dr. Barker, yesterday and now I feel so much better. The tension in my hip area doesn’t feel so bad anymore. Now I feel like I won’t have to worry so much about being in pain for 13 miles. I’ve set up the tracker to track me while I race on Saturday. You can see it through my facebook profile status updates or tweets (@fairyhealthy) on twitter. Race will start at 7:30 am. I can’t wait to tell you all about it come Monday!! Have a great weekend friends!

Redemption at World’s Fastest 10k

The last 2 weeks after the trail race have been hard on my running brain. I had been doubting myself as a runner. Whether I should still be running or not was a question that kept crossing my mind. I felt so embarrassed for what happened. I never thought I would ever not finish a race because I got lost. Hearing others negative opinions about what happened wasn’t easy either. I tried to move on by taking it one run at a time. With each one, I ran a little longer and my confidence started coming back. Just like I had been planning for months, I registered for the World’s Fastest 10k. It is one of my favorite races I did last year and I couldn’t stand not doing it. More than anything, I just needed to do a race to get that last one out of my head. I think about it everyday. It eats away at my spirit. I made sure to arrive at this race early. It was a beautiful morning and I was finding myself very eager to run. 10168209_613146822100409_426819160_n It was so great to see runner friends there! The nerves and doubts started to disappear as we took off downhill. I took off pretty strong and tried to stay steady throughout the race. The pounding on the pavement was beginning to ache my back between mile 4 and 5. I didn’t want to push it too hard because I wanted this to be a training run for the half in 2 weeks. I’m trying to stay injury free until then! Fullscreen capture 3312014 90847 AM.bmp My official time was 49:11. Not as quick as last year but I’m fine with it. There were some runners that took a wrong turn. I was so happy it wasn’t me! I think I would have freaked out! 10013256_258988607617408_524988336_n This race helped me in so many ways. I know I have been very vague about what I’ve been dealing with personally. When I’m ready to talk about, I will share it with you all. But for now I’m doing a lot of thinking and running has been my escape from it all. I use the stress to fuel my runs. Leaving all of that on the road really helps me heal. I believe that all the stress and frustrations we may be dealing with can be eased through exercise, even if it’s only for a little while. Sometimes we even find a solution to the problem. Now on to a few short weeks of training. Zooma is up next April 12!!!

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