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Fitness Gift Guide For The Women In Your Life

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of KOSS. All opinions stated are always my own.

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My family tends to get annoyed when I ask them for gift cards to sport stores. I think they’d rather pick out something special and give it to me. The only problem is, probably like many of you I’m obsessed with fitness and running gear. I love them because I use them everyday.

If you have fit friends or family and have been looking for something they would love, this is the guide for you. Or maybe you love fit gear yourself!

1. I was sent 2 pair of Koss ear buds  from the Fit Series line to try out from FitFluential and Koss. I seem to have small ears and other ear buds usually fall out. My favorites are the fit clips. I used the smallest buds and they seemed to do the trick.


The female designers at Koss teamed up with Gold Medalist Dara Torres to create the world’s first headphones designed for women. The fit buds are 33% smaller than regular ear buds and sweat resistant. I use them at the gym for training. I do a lot of jumping and getting down on the ground for push ups and burpees. They stayed in place and I really love how they block out surrounding noise.


They are very affordable at the sale price $19.99 just for the holidays and available at Best Buy, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Sears and Walgreens. The perfect gift for active women.

2. The Under Armour Storm beanie I bought at Dick’s sporting goods is amazing!! It is very tight around my ears and doesn’t budge while I run. The color is nice and matches with all the crazy colors I wear. It kept my head very warm and hasn’t seemed to stretch out over time like other ones that I’ve purchased before.

3. My favorite pair of long distance running shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. I’ve ran in these shoes for 2 half marathons and I didn’t feel any strain in my feet or knees for those whole 13 miles. Even though I’ll need a new pair of running shoes soon, I think I may upgrade to the newest version of this shoe. If you’re looking for a supportive shoe, I’d recommend this one.


4. FitBit One. Oh, how I miss my fitbit. Besides it tracking my steps when walking, I also used to use it to run. It was very accurate. I lost it at the Transmountain challenge half marathon. I wish I had known you can track your lost fit bit through your phone. I emailed the company a few days ago seeing if there was anything I could do about replacing it. I had no receipt since it was originally sent to me to review. They replied to email and are already sending me a replacement! I was so impressed with their customer service. A fantastic company and an even better tracking device.

5. I had never tried Feetures running socks until they were sent to me for being a Zooma Woman’s Racing Ambassador. They are a new sponsor for the Austin race I’ll be running in April.

You can still register for that race with the code TXAMB2 for 10% off. You can get the best price by registering before January 25th.


I immediately loved how soft but thin they were. They don’t move or bunch up while I run. I’m looking forward to buying the knee length compression socks soon. I love anything and everything compression!

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