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Weekly Yoga Practice: Week 5

I am feeling really strong this week. I haven’t been running as much and mostly doing yoga and weight lifting. Even though I know I’m building muscle I miss running a little. It is nice to change things up though just like with this week’s yoga practice.

No banana back! Banana back is arching your back and overreaching your legs therefore making you look like a banana. It’s so hard to not bend that back and requires a lot of abdominal strength. I felt pretty strong with this handstand. That is until I fell over. Smile


Scorpion handstand. For me, I always think I am so close to my head and then I see the picture and it’s very eye opening and helps me see what I need more practice with. This is one of those poses.


Perched Pigeon. The pose to help prepare you for flying pigeon. After practicing this pose many times, you’ll be able to fly in no time!


I really should be practicing the splits more. Obviously I can get into the pose, but very uncomfortably and can’t stay there for very long. It is a great hip opener for runners.


Lotus Handstand. I had never tried this pose. I need some more help from the wall for this one to be able to fold into full lotus.


For the last day of the handstand madness challenge I was to do a banana back handstand (see the banana shape), then keep head against wall and push feet out so that they are the furthest away from the wall. Then finally a straight handstand with head off the wall but still looking down. I was able to hold it for 7 seconds. My goal for the end of April is 20 seconds.


You can forget about sit-ups. If you really want to feel like your working your lower abdominals, do some pike handstands and do it slowly. My whole body was shaking the whole time. I was also sore and feeling stronger the next day. I’m going to do these 3 times a week.


If you are not ready to handstand without a wall, try this handstand prep. Start in downward dog pose facing the wall. Use both legs to crawl into a pike handstand. Lift one leg to the sky and hold as long as you can. Switch legs to keep it balanced. It really does help build strength to be able to do a handstand.


A new challenge called April Falls on Instagram replaced handstand madness. It’s pretty much the same exact thing except no walls allowed. This is the pose from day 1; Pike handstand with legs apart. I was pretty surprised how strong I’ve become. I know it’s from doing every single day of handstand madness.

I am starting to see some of the loose skin I have throughout my body shrinking. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish in April!


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Yoga Practice: Week 5

  1. First off, it looks to me like you may have the coolest house ever. And also, it’s been so awesome to watch your progress through yoga! You definitely have become stronger and much more impressive :)
    Life After Swimming recently posted..NuNaturals Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Super great job on the challenge! I can’t wait to hear about and see more :)

    I am going to try the hand stand prep starting today. Hopefully I too can one day do a handstand :)

    Also I would love to try and start some type of yoga practice. There is a class offered at my gym, but it is usually always offered on some crazy time that I can’t attend. Like either during my work day or late in the evening when I am needed at home with my kiddos. Now with my husbands new work schedule it is almost impossilble to attend a class :(

    Can you please email me some info/tips/suggestions/guidance on this? I would love to get some insight from you, you are such an inspiration. I have tried audio, but since I am not familiar with the poses it is impossible. helennaturally@gmail.com….thanks so much!!
    helennaturally recently posted..Let’s talk allergiesMy Profile

    • My friend of course I’ll help you out. In fact this week, I’m going to start teaching my cousin yoga once a week and she is going to record me. I’m nervous about it but that means I can upload them to youtube so you can follow along!!

  3. Super impressive!! I completely wish I had your strength. Simply amazing !

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